Porovaara Hill – unique private resort only 20 min from Rovaniemi’s City Centre

Porovaara Hill (in English “reindeer hill”) is a private nature area of almost 100 hectares about 20 km south of the Rovaniemi city centre. Immediately to the south of Porovaara Hill, there is a state-owned wilderness area of dozens of square kilometres.

Reindeer have grazed here for centuries, surrounded by naturally diverse wilderness. The area has a more open, hilly landscape, but also a dense forest that is more marshy, offering shelter and peace to the reindeer during rutting season. The diverse nature also provides food year-round, from grasses in the marshes to lichen in other areas.

This makes Porovaara Hill suitable for reindeer husbandry all year round. The story of the Körkkö family‘s reindeer husbandry begins at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The reindeer mark created then survives to this day. The current owners, Irja and Ari, started expanding in 1986, after which the area has offered a wide range of business opportunities for the growing family. The area has also become a second backyard for the family, where they pick berries, hunt, and gather by the campfire.

Unique experiences and activities at Porovaara Hill started in 2009, and since then, people from around the world have enjoyed the experiences in the area. The privacy on offer is an opportunity to calm down and enjoy the peace of nature and get to know lovely animals in their natural environment. Thousands of satisfied travellers have experienced our winter snow landscape under warm reindeer blankets on a sleigh ride, both during daylight hours or in the evening under the dancing Northern Lights. Electric snowmobiles are also a perfect activity for Porovaara Hill, as they do not pollute and are very quiet.

Currently, there is a reindeer farm in the area which has offered experiences and activities for two generations, while respecting nature, traditions, and customs. To sum up, the conditions of life in the region that has sustained people and animals for centuries is now available for people all over the world to enjoy and learn from. They say Porovaara Hill never disappoints.


20 min drive from the centre of Rovaniemi
25 min drive from Rovaniemi Airport
25 min drive from Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle