Porovaara Hill – a family-led local company herding reindeer for centuries

The story of the Körkkö family‘s reindeer husbandry in Rovaniemi, Lapland begins at the second part of the 19th century. The reindeer mark created then survives to this day.

Irja and Ari Körkkö bought the lands of Porovaara Hill in 1986. The Porovaara Hill area has also become a second backyard for the Körkkö family, where they pick berries, hunt, and gather by the campfire. Porovaara Hill has offered a wide range of business opportunities for the growing Körkkö family. The very first travel company created by the Irja and Ari Körkkö family is Santa Claus Reindeer Oy, founded in 2013. The firm offering reindeer safaris and excursions belongs now to the children of Irja and Ari.

The ambitions of the Körkkö family have also been to offer environmentally-friendly authentic and unforgettable Lapland travel experiences at magical Porovaara, created by local people and far from the tourist crowds. The new and ecological electric snowmobile safaris are a  new page in the Körkkö family’s travel offerings in Rovaniemi.